The ‘Big Twelve’ Step Staffing Process

Part One – Submission Process


Step 1- Identify Candidate:

Qualified Candidates are chosen from  various resources including  our internal database of over 5000 active candidates.

Step 2- Complete Prescreen Form:

Typically Candidates are prescreened over the phone. Candidates are asked a series of questions to gain an understanding of the individual’s technical qualifications, level of interest in a career change, current salary, future salary expectations, availability, etc.  If candidates fits Amzur’s profile, the process continues.

Step 3- Amzur Office Interview:

Candidate is Scheduled for Onsite Amzur Office Interview.  Confirm Phone Screen Information and determine if Candidate fits Amzur’s Professional Profile: Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Degree of Professionalism, Future Goals, Candidate Meets Other  Amzur Employees.

Step 4- Evaluation:

Assessment of Candidate’s Technical Abilities via Online, Standardized Test, In-Person  Candidate, Evaluation with a Senior Consultant.

Step 5- Reference Check:

Four References Checked: Two  Supervisors & Two Co-workers. Amzur questions on Work Ethic, Teamwork, Technical Strengths.

Step 6- Resume Submittal:

Resume is Reviewed with Candidate for Accuracy and  Completeness. Resume is Reformatted to  Amzur’s Standard and Candidate is Briefed on All Possible Assignments. Amzur Submits  Candidates Whose Skills Best Match our Client’s requirements.


Part Two – Hiring and Maintaining Process


Step 7- Client Interview:

Candidate is prepared for the Client Interview. Job  Requirements Discussed. Client’s Environment and Candidate’s Needs discussed. Candidate Instructed to contact Amzur.   Following Interview to Provide Feedback.

Step 8- Candidate Offer:

Client Acceptance of  Candidate is received. Candidate is Contacted to Extend Offer.

Step 9- Drug/Background Check :

Complete any pending Drug and Background  Checks.

Step 10- Close Down:

Start Date is Communicated to Both Client and Candidate.

Step 11- Maintenance:

Prepare and Monitor  Performance to Meet  Client & Consultant Expectations. Prepare the Candidate to Meet  Client’s Expectations. Prior to Start Date Account Manager Contacts Client. Once a Month to Ensure Expectations are Being Met. Recruiter Contacts consultant Once a month to Address Questions or Concerns.

Step 12- Notice of End Date:

Client Notifies Amzur  30 Days Prior to End  of Contract. Candidate Will be Reassigned.