NOC Services
From live, 24/7 alert messaging to RMM configuration and administration to complete incident resolution, Amzur’s NOC Services Teams have you covered.  24/7/365.


Businesses increasingly demand 24/7/365 availability of their technology infrastructure for access to key business applications, and they turn to their Managed Services Providers (MSP) to ensure their assets are available.  “Always available” has created ever more pressure on MSPs to monitor, manage and prevent critical systems outages for their clients all day and throughout the night.  To meet this increased demand, MSPs can hire additional staff, have their daytime engineers monitor critical alerts at all hours of the day and night, or….. Rely on Amzur NOC Services to get the job done for them, improving client system availability and saving money at the same time.

Featured NOC Services

Amzur’s NOC services will respond to the Remote Monitoring and Management tool’s alerts; indicating a device, operating system, software application or service is functioning outside of recommended parameters, and begin incident management activity reactively in these situations.



Why Amzur NOC Services?

  • Our inevitable ability to scale services broadly and quickly
  • We are better than our competition and we guarantee to improve performance metrics
  • Our pool of highly-skilled and costly internal resources are utilized for more profitable tasks and activities
  • Our phenomenal customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction and  consistent KPIs
  • Bottom line our world-class NOC services will increase net profits by lowering costs with our distributed IT staffing and delivery model.

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