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Amzur Technologies is a Tampa, FL, based idea think-tank and IT firm with over 30 years of industry experience in building enterprise applications. We are proud to say that we have partnered with NetSuite and we are now a NetSuite Solution Provider. Our NetSuite Consultants have knowledge of many industries, and will leverage their domain expertise and experience to implement, customize, integrate, and extend NetSuite solutions faster, and better, than anyone else… and all of this within your budget.
Having built accounting, ERP and POS systems from scratch, we KNOW that nothing beats the single data-source principal behind Netsuite, one seamless information system for driving your business into the cloud!
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Amzur’s NetSuite Consulting Services

Deploying new business solutions can be a daunting and high-risk task. Amzur’s Netsuite Consulting Services are designed to help you quickly and efficiently implement NetSuite, while mitigating risk and managing the impact to your operations environment and staff. Amzur helps you gain full value from your investment using an implementation methodology that takes into consideration your business goals, operations processes and the time constraints of your staff.

Our Netsuite Consulting Services adopt two main strategies for NetSuite Project Management, Consulting, Training and Implementation Services:
  • Flexible hourly/daily implementation and training on an as-needed basis
  • Managed Implementation – Full project or program managed implementation

Often a company will not need, or be able to justify the cost of, a tailored end-to-end Netsuite Implementation. For these clients we recommend taking a more flexible approach to the project. Amzur can provide an hourly/daily rate for implementation and charge for the hours of work performed. In these projects we work with the individuals from within the business to implement the solution. Where a business does not have the time or technical knowledge to implement sections of the application, our consultants can always step in to provide that resource for you and train you as implementation occurs.

For more complex implementations, we recommend a full Managed Project Implementation using Netsuite’s One Methodology in addition to our implementation process. Our consultants will create and manage the project in line with a logical roll out and training plan for the business. We will analyze the requirements before developing a project plan outlining the responsibilities for all parties involved in the success of the project. With this approach we often find it is our consultants who deliver the majority of the configuration to the NetSuite Platform, rather than the company’s internal resources.

Amzur’s goal is to provide you with a solution which supports your business as quickly as possible. We will often recommend implementing in a phased approach to get users comfortable with using NetSuite as quickly as possible. This has the benefits of both minimizing the time spent paying for a license without gaining benefit, and fostering familiarity with the application so that it can be adopted within the business more quickly, accelerating the benefit you gain from Netsuite.

NetSuite Sales

As a NetSuite Partner, and Solution Provider, we provide an end-to-end solution and service to get you live on NetSuite. We know switching to a new business management system requires much consideration, effort and time. We know your industry and we will ensure that you get the NetSuite products and modules that you need. We ensure that your migration to NetSuite is as smooth and seamless as possible.

NetSuite Implementation & Customization

Amzur’s aim is to help you implement NetSuite, to enable you to bridge the gap between your business and the business you envisioned. Our NetSuite Consultants are experts in implementing NetSuite according to your business needs.

An out-of-the-box implementation of NetSuite provides most of the features and functions needed for most businesses. However, we realize that your business may have more specific needs that cannot be fulfilled by a regular, vanilla implementation. Our consultants and developers have the required training and experience (SuiteTalk & SuiteScript) to design custom functions and workflows, as well as to connect NetSuite with other external applications your business may use.

NetSuite Training

User adoption is one of the most important and effort-intensive phases in implementing a new system. Once we perform the initial setup on NetSuite, we train your executives, managers, and employees to help them adapt to the new system. Our training is specific to the roles and functions that your business uses. We also work together with your executives and senior management, to define metrics and create real-time performance dashboards and reports.

Already a NetSuite User?

It’s OK if you’ve already got NetSuite. We can still help! Sometimes, clients approach us because they need further customization, or a specific integration, or just plain support. We can review your existing setup, recommend improvements, provide customizations and offer further training to your users.

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