Menu Creation Using Ruby

A Menu is a collection of Menu Items which helps you to navigate  through pages by a click.This posting will explain to you to  create Menu Items and click actions for existing Pages. I have used a student list as an example for explaining Menu Creation. Below the video, I have listed the high level steps that were followed in the video.
[youtube= &w=600 &h=500]
  • Create a Partial file which will be rendered in application.html.erb which serves as a template for the project
  • Here in our Ruby we use “link_” to tag which is similar to “anchor” tag in HTML
  • Render the partial file to application.html.erb ,such  that the menu is available through out the application, in all the pages
  • Follow similar steps to create menu for remaining pages
  • Now  add CSS to the Menu

This illustrated video was created by Kishore Seemala, Software Engineers and Ruby on Rails Developer at Amzur Technologies.