Managed DBA Services

Companies that depend on critical information rely on Database Specialists. Most importantly, remote DBA services act as an extension to their in-house DBA resources, providing excellent remote DBA administration, management and optimization services.

Senior DBA specialists and industry veterans in multiple domains form Amzur’s DBA Critical Analytical and Tactical (CAT) teams. Our DBA service plans provide an initial analysis and reconditioning of the databases, so that a “stable consistent state” is achieved.This will minimize future problems.Following the stable state, your business begins to benefit from a series of proactive and protective operations through different levels of services.

Our DBA Managed Services were planned and designed with emphasis of delivering our core features and principles:

  • Provide cost-optimized DBA Managed services for your business with long term commitment towards exemplary project deliverables.
  • Based on a proven simple and effective delivery methodology in 4 key phases.
  • Our world-class professional and technical skills are there to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Our special operative DBA Critical Analytical and Tactical (CAT) teams available on a 24 x 7 and ready to respond in critical issues.
  • Our specialized delivery model to provide weekend support and on-Demand (with minimum hours established).
  • Our efforts to provide constructive and technical value-add suggestions to improve efficiency based on the best practices and design principles.

Our teams re-define “Flexibility” at all levels of service conforming to new requirements and your changing business needs.

Your Benefits:

Remote DBA Services can help you achieve a number of business goals including:

  • In-depth expertise, experience and exceptional team work of Amzur’s CAT teams.
  • Business and technical experience that accelerates the quality of database administration, management and optimization services.
  • Substantial savings.
  • Avoiding wastage of time required for internal training and skill development.

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