Dedicated and Extended Team Services

Amzur Technologies – Extended Team (ETM) Model

  • Are you a small and mid-size business looking to ‘extend’ your team, with significant cost reduction at the same time don’t want to compromise with the quality of a technical resource?
  • Have you had challenges in the past when your company had to ‘offshore’ your IT work?
  • Is your company planning to implement remote work and managed teams to address your IT development or support work?
  • Are you a product based company or a start-up looking for IT resources/extended team for executing your on-going application support and maintenance?
  • Do you want to extend IT related support after business hours or in fact 24×7 to meet your growing end-user and customer needs?
  • Is your budget a tight fit at this moment and has a challenge to accommodate additional IT resources for your existing and future project engagements?
  • As a small and mid-size enterprise, do you want to experience the flexibility and cushion of a large enterprise in getting availability of IT resources?
  • Overall….do you want to experience your OWN team with numerable options to rollover to your own payroll and operations when you establish your full blown operations in India?

That is, until now….read through to experience Amzur Technologies world-class Extended Team Services model…

Amzur Technologies to the Rescue- We help you hire better!

Primarily, you are looking for a qualified, cost-effective and scalable IT  human resource option, at a stupendously tight schedule. Looks like a tall equation? It isn’t when you outsource your hiring activity to Amzur Technologies. Outsourcing helps a SME like you, cut costs massively, improve overall process efficiency, compete with the bigger boys on a level playing field, handle more projects simultaneously while focussing on your core big ideas. Why waste time, money and resources doing something that isn’t your forte?

How do we do it? Extended Team Service (ETS)

The ETS program at Amzur is analogous to the way it sounds- we help you hire a satellite team of professionals who are an extension of your own corporate efforts and philosophy, an asset who is separated geographically but adheres completely to your company’s code and conduct. The concept we are gunning for is-

Amzur Technologies can involve “as much as, or as little…”

This is basically our commitment to you – the level of Amzur’s involvement in the hiring and management procedures for the requisite candidates will be fully determined by you. We understand that you pride over your individuality – and we are adept at pulling off a good job while being as conspicuous or latent as required by the project specifications.

Typical Extended Team Model engagements include:

  • Production Support
  • Proof-of-concepts/Proof-of-technology
  • Hands-on coding for Software development and Web applications development
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing engagements
  • Database Administration and Maintenance
  • Building, Deploying and Maintaining Applications on the Cloud