Remote DBA Support Services – A Project Management Approach from Amzur Technologies

One of the few evergreen topics and technology is databases and their management. Every organization in the past, present and future has, will and continue to use this technology regardless of the applications/solutions developed.

There are several approaches to managing a Remote DBA Support Services project. However, at Amzur Technologies we have formalized an iterative approach towards this type of database support engagement. We have innovated and designed a unique proven approach through the knowledge base and real-time technical experiences from our DBA consultants at Amzur Technologies.

Our 4 Phase project delivery approach ensures that our customer’s get 30% reduction in costs, 30% increase in database performance and 40% reduction in time to solve an issue – on an average.

Remote DBA Support Services

Remote DBA Support Services

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Authored by Meher Goru, Amzur Technologies, Inc.