SaaS Software

When it comes to Software as a Service (SaaS), few companies match the rich precision and seamless functionality while implementing this cloud service for your business, as Amzur Technologies. This cost and time saving addition to your business, allows you to utilize cutting edge software and databases, straight off the cloud, while we manage the 360* infrastructure and the overall platform that runs these productivity applications.

The Result- better management of your contacts, associates, customers and suppliers (your entire business, actually), seamless integration with your on-premise solutions, maximized response time and agility, minus the need for exuberant spending!!

NetSuite Solution Provider

Why SaaS for your business?

Ready to go, out of the box- Fully configured and already installed on the cloud, SaaS software is ready for your business deployment in a couple of hours. Save some serious time, and money.

Security Assured- These applications are highly tuned, and severely tested to ensure their operational integrity. While a custom software could spring bugs for years after deployment.

Scalability and Integration- Existing over the cloud allows SaaS software to be highly scalable and easily adaptable with other SaaS software. Thus buying new software is redundant- as simple additions to your existing setup will suffice. When your business grows, you can enlist new applications to handle unforeseen tasks without burning a hole in your wallet.

New Upgrades- At Amzur, we constantly upgrade our software offerings and the same is quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently passed onto our customers. Staying at the cutting edge of technology just got a lot simpler!

Extremely Easy to Use- SaaS software are highly documented and arrive with detailed best practices and samples preinstalled. The user can easily test the proof of concepts and the software functionality, while also checking out new release features, well in advance.

Why Amzur Technologies?

  • Comprehensive- End-to-end solution offerings using NetSuite and facilitate a complete SaaS ERP/CRM experience, move to cloud ERP/CRM.
  • Fast Time-to-Market- Deploy your NetSuite apps and solutions by adding new capabilities in a super-sonic fashion.
  • Cost-effective Paybacks- Get your cost effective transparent and predictable cost of ownership.
  • Flexibility to Scale- Ability to scale with your business growth.
  • Ease of Use- Intuitive UX through rapid adoption and increased productivity.
  • Innovative Solutions- Leverage the best-in-class solutions from leading vendors.

Get the SaaS advantage for your business. Talk to Us, TODAY!!