PaaS Platform

Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is a crucial boon to businesses that intent to run business applications over the cloud. Herein, the onus lies with the versatility, scalability and other business friendly features of the platform itself, rather than the applications running on it. At Amzur Technologies, our SaaS Software help’s you take the finer dimensions of your business to the cloud, while our PaaS expertise ensure’s that these applications have a solid ground to stand on.


Why PaaS for your Business?

In terms of pure ROI, the benefit of adopting PaaS is huge. The primary advantages include improved cost savings, less spending on technical maintenance, heightened security for your productivity software and incremented mobility of your business operations. You save big-time as there are no servers, hardware or software licenses to purchase, plus reduced human resources are required as the servers are hosted offsite. When developing your custom software- expensive tools that might aid in its production, can be readily accessed from the overall PaaS package.

Another functional advantage of PaaS includes the concept of improved employee mobility. It’s a common workplace situation- many agile software developers prefer moving from concepts on paper to actual coding, as quickly as possible. With PaaS, the wide set of available developmental tools, and the overall flexibility of the PaaS ecosystem, ensures that they do.

Why Amzur Technologies?

  • Availability, scalability and agility for fast application development
  • Standardized, shared environment for global collaboration

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