IaaS Services

The third component of the triad of cloud services (comprising also of SaaS and PaaS) is Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, also referred to as Hardware as a Service (HaaS). As the name implies, this service includes the outsourcing of equipment used to support business operations, including storage, hardware, servers and other networking components, by your business to a service provider, like Amzur Technologies. In this arrangement, Amzur owns the relevant equipment and is fully responsible for its upkeep, operation and servicing. Meanwhile, conveniently, you ONLY pay for all the equipment and services that are employed by your business.


Why IaaS for your Business?

  • IaaS usually is the integrator of all three cloud service models (SaaS, PaaS & IaaS) and thus, provides your business absolute control over all your business applications on the cloud.
  • IaaS is a beautifully uncomplicated system wherein a business infrastructure is abstracted and made available to the client as a collection of reliable and easily implementable APIs.
  • As the IaaS service provider, Amzur helps the client bypass the long procurement cycles and implement innumerable cloud resources within the shortest requirement of time and resources.
  • Spending on infrastructure can be monitored effectively as applications can be built to scale and limited in size and operational competency to the task at hand. With an increase in input, the applications can be scaled higher.

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