Cloud Consulting Services

Increasingly, businesses are going the ‘cloud’ way. The flexibility, scalability, affordability and robustness offered by cloud solutions are just too hard to ignore in these competitive times. At Amzur Technologies, our cloud consulting service brings our customers ample options, opportunities and benefits of using a cloud based solutions and/or services. We ensure our consulting services to be clear and attainable for your businesses.


Cloud Strategy and Advisory Services

Hire Amzur Technologies, Cloud consultants and cloud experts to identify technology and business drivers – to formulate your cloud strategies, define roadmaps and choose the best cloud platform.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Infrastructure experts from Amzur Technologies will build, manage and administer your IaaS platform.

Cloud Application Services

Leverage the cloud expertise of Amzur Technologies to build your next generation web applications on the cloud and host them on IaaS or PaaS platforms.

Cloud Software Services

Use Amzur Technologies SaaS models to leverage a process oriented functional and technical solutions

Cloud Management Services

Dive into Amzur Technologies effective ways of managing your cloud resources.

We hold definitive and a proven track record when it comes to SaaS and PaaS. These terminologies may seem tailor made for big budgets and big infrastructure, but their underlying principal holds great application for every business that seeks to compete, save time and money.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    is a software delivery model that acts as an inventory for common business applications, including Office & Messaging software, CRM & CAD Software and other productivity tools. These applications are accessed by the client from the cloud via a simple web browser application.

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

    are cloud computing services that provide a computing platform as the crux of the service. Herein, Amzur helps you create your own custom software using tools from our repository, while also allowing you to control their deployment and configuration. To assist your endeavors, Amzur provides the servers, storage space, networks and other requirements that help you access and apply these applications to your business requirements.

Recommendations are based on ways to improve business agility with transparency of IT costs – we provide a solid roadmap for cloud adoption. Our cloud consultants hold expertise in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, bringing in years of functional and technical experience with clear emphasis on the applicability of cloud technologies and services. Our cloud solution engagements are oriented towards achieving a sustainable value creation with technology optimization. A typical engagement would involve:

  • Hands-on workshop

    – Establishes a mutual understanding of your business, operations and technical implications.

  • Quick Cloud compatibility check

    – Measures your organizational readiness and defines deployment priorities

  • A Go-to Cloud strategy

    – Develop a measurable bench-marked analysis for cloud readiness with an actionable implementable roadmap.

Think your business needs the cloud? Or, can you afford to ignore the obvious? Talk to us TODAY!