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Hunting and Fishing iOs App for SportsmanSafe

Sportsman Safe is a brand new Hunting and Fishing app that equips hunters and fishermen with the tools needed to succeed. The app offers solunar tables, tides, weather, up-to-date species seasons and bag limits, stores licenses and prompts for renewal. Friend functionality allows you to see friends real time on map and easily navigate away or to their position. SOS feature to alert 3 pre-determined individuals as to your location in the even of an emergency.


Pre-determined icon set for “pin-drop” with the most commonly needed points of interest included. Trophy locker allows you to photograph your catches or kills and share them with friends while creating a “journal” as to location as well as important details like weight, length, etc. Post them to Facebook or send them as text, tweets, or email from the app. Species and regulations are available for FLORIDA ONLY in this release. We will be adding others soon and offer additional states as add-ons.