Case Studies

Improving Performance at Khameleon Software

Collaboration success of building and supporting an Integrated System of Financial and Operations Management Applications for Khameleon Software, Inc.


About Khameleon Software, Inc. Our partner Khameleon Software, Inc., offers business systems to companies that are selling specialized services for tech service providers, land managing professionals, mobile telecommunication specialists and to several other businesses. This leading software development organization has won over many US consumers.

Industry: Financial and Operations Management Solutions

Technology Stack: Oracle e-business suite, Oracle DB, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Portal, Oracle ADF, Java, Oracle Discoverer, OBIEE

Business Challenge – Khameleon faced a challenge in 2004 due to its existing technology stack. Its technology was built on the client server.

At that point of time the client database of Khameleon surpassed the 100 mark. Hence, it faced the difficulty of dealing with the increasing customers every day.

So to put up with the competition, Khameleon needed to refurbish its prevailing technology. Its demand for the overhauling services encompassed providing support to the N-Tier architecture, constructing a User Friendly Interface, integrating Portal and accomplishing flexible reporting with easier applications.

Solution – At this critical situation Khameleon engaged Amzur as a partner in solving its multiple problems. The company required such a team who will not merely address the concerns of technology stack, but will also be able to understand the business, user involvements and the whole Software Product Life cycle of Khameleon. And, all such revamping works ought to be implemented while maintaining the prevailing products, provisions, improvements and releases of the company.

Amzur proposed to bring Khameleon’s products to Internet supported N-tier application so that it could offer to host resolution to the existing and prospective customers. Amzur endeavored to make the functional flow of Khameleon’s business one of the best practices in the target industry. The expert team of Amzur built user-friendly and consistent user experiences across Khameleon’s products. Amzur accomplished all the requirements within a particular time with proficient resources, expert business talent and that too at an inexpensive rate. For ten successful years Amzur collaborated with Khameleon with dedicated and extended teams and built successful software solutions

Amzur’s Methodology – Amzur Technologies defined model to work with the on-site as well as the off-site teams so as to start development in 2 shift process. It doubled the resource bandwidth within a short time to meet the deadlines. Moreover, Amzur undertook planned cross training to merge technology with practical methods. It added a team with the required expertise to the Khameleon specific technology framework within a short time span. Furthermore Amzur offered quality output through the combination of resources, development and testing processes. Methodologies such as RUP to Agile SCRUM were used in each project and sub-project over the past 10 years of successful collaboration between Amzur and Khameleon.

Featured Benefits for Khameleon

  • Delivered client responsibilities in a timely manner
  • Prepared complex reports to clients in a user-friendly way
  • Considered minute reporting details with utmost care
  • Optimized reports under various circumstances
  • Presented solutions for the improvement of reporting
  • Executed testing work within tight timelines
  • Developed SQL Queries by delving into the functional specs
  • Created Tables for Database Admin
  • Stored archived documents in its advanced facilities safely and efficiently