5 Key Reasons for using a dedicated and extended IT Team Model

It is often said that a dedicated and extended team model provides better returns compared to a traditional execution model.  The better delivery, project clarity status and enhanced flexibility of dynamically changing plans are the key reasons for companies today preferring this model across different verticals. A dedicated model offers you the opportunity to extend […]

3 Tech Roles with the Potential of Rewarding Over $150K Salary

It’s no doubt that IT industry offers a good pay package in America. Glassdoor’s report of the high paid tech jobs is a testimony to the fact. It reveals 10 tech roles that offer over $100,000 a year. But which tech job will you target if you are willing to make over $100K in a […]

Why Ruby on Rails Developers are Getting the Biggest Bucks in US?

Ruby on Rails Developers are recently getting around $147,000 as an average base salary in the Silicon Beach area of CA. This is as per the CyberCoders’ list of the highest paid average salaries of tech jobs that are in demand in the US. You can learn this programming with proper training. Joseph Biscan of […]

10 Tools to HelpManage Your Remote and Extended IT Teams Today!

Do you run a remote and extended IT team? If so, you are not alone. These types of IT teams are becoming more and more popular today because of technology advances that have made the world a much smaller place. Running these teams can age the remote and extended IT team. We will discuss the […]

Extend you IT team – Increase your business efficiency with seamless flexibility

From being a small and mid-size companies to large enterprise, the concept of “extending your current IT team” model certainly serves the two key aspects: Significantly reducing resource costs Availability of IT teams round the clock for applications maintenance and management. Now, cost is something that every business out there is going to ponder their […]