Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite – SMB’s are you listening?

Why should SMB’s even think of switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite? Old architecture, smudgy financials, exemplified cost structure and bare-skeleton reporting – just few key reasons why moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to NetSuite makes sense. SMB’s need an on-demand solution with functionality that can be “bent” as-needed and harness the power of […]

The NetSuite Saga- Hitting all the checkpoints per the Corporate Marketing Strategy.

If you are a Start-up, or a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME), time, is of paramount essence to you. Time to work on your big ideas, to promote your products/concepts/services amongst the target market, and time to simply ‘think’! Often, the fast pace and ever changing nature of the market demands action, before contemplation. […]

DBA on the Cloud – Is this the Present and the Future!

Today’s Business Computing world stands to gain a lot from the Cloud – a new age digital networking phenomenon that is behind the notion of the Global enterprise – aptly integrating to the existing networking infrastructure after an optimal evaluation of the costs to arrive at effective business solutions. The Cloud typically represents an unknown […]

ROR Best Resources for Self-Read

A quick question folks – what’s common among these websites – am sure we have used one or more of these in our lives thus far – Project management website Basecamp, watching TV shows and movies at Hulu, document sharing site Slideshare and creating heat maps on our websites using CrazyEgg? Well, they were all […]