Top 5 Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is Better than PHP?

Developers often get perturbed about whether to opt for PHP or Ruby on Rails? However, most prefer to go for Ruby on Rails in the recent years. This is simply because Ruby on Rails is superior than PHP in many aspects. But why it is considered to be a superior solution in the modern days? […]

AngularJS – The Best Flavor of JavaScript

Developers have seen many web application leaders to come and go. SproutCore after spending years as the top framework has been displaced by BackboneJS, which in turn has succumbed to EmberJS. However, nothing can be compared with AngularJS! It has won over several client projects of Fortune 500 companies in the recent past. Besides, it […]

Top 3 Reasons for Choosing AWS & NoSQL

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have already stepped into the NoSQL database domain and competing with MongoDB by adding JSON documents support to DynamoDB. Several web apps prefer JSON format for serving  data in a machine readable manner. DynamoDB is chosen for its speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The modern web-based applications often face database scaling difficulties […]

Cloud Computing Boosting Business Vistas – Check out the Top 7 Reasons for its Adoption

Cloud technology is the modern metaphor for the Internet. Almost everywhere the term cloud computing is heard about, which deals with storing and accessing online data rather than keeping them in computer hard drive. The technology takes you back to the days of presentations representing the huge server farm of Internet infrastructure as puffy, cumulonimbus […]

Develop your next web and mobile apps with Hybrid frameworks

Gen Y Web and Mobile Apps Emerging with Hybrid Framework Market Condition Catering Hybrid Development Web and mobile apps are rising at an incredible rate to solve consumer problems. The developers have to deal with temperamental customers who don’t want to continue with an app if it doesn’t provide them good performance. So, to meet […]