Cloud Computing Boosting Business Vistas – Check out the Top 7 Reasons for its Adoption

Cloud technology is the modern metaphor for the Internet. Almost everywhere the term cloud computing is heard about, which deals with storing and accessing online data rather than keeping them in computer hard drive. The technology takes you back to the days of presentations representing the huge server farm of Internet infrastructure as puffy, cumulonimbus […]

Develop your next web and mobile apps with Hybrid frameworks

Gen Y Web and Mobile Apps Emerging with Hybrid Framework Market Condition Catering Hybrid Development Web and mobile apps are rising at an incredible rate to solve consumer problems. The developers have to deal with temperamental customers who don’t want to continue with an app if it doesn’t provide them good performance. So, to meet […]

Importance of IT Certifications

IT administrators consider certifications to be an effective yardstick for assessing candidates and most of them believe that certified IT professionals help to improve team performance. IT certifications from reputed institutes prove the ability of IT professionals to apply knowledge in analyzing a practical condition. The primary concerns of managing IT get easier with training […]

5 Technology Trends in IT Recruiting

Technology can’t be a substitute for recruitment, still it reduces the hiring time and brings talent to an organization in a more competent way. Implementing technology into the on-boarding process through cloud-based repositories and introducing a company intranet for internal communications have given opportunities to new employees to learn and train. Applicant tracking systems, mobile […]

5 Key Reasons for using a dedicated and extended IT Team Model

It is often said that a dedicated and extended team model provides better returns compared to a traditional execution model.  The better delivery, project clarity status and enhanced flexibility of dynamically changing plans are the key reasons for companies today preferring this model across different verticals. A dedicated model offers you the opportunity to extend […]